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Proven effective for stress and anxiety

Stanford University study

The TM® technique was found to be twice as effective as other techniques for stress and anxiety.

The study was a meta-analysis of 146 independent studies, and was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.


How TM relieves stress


Gary Kaplan, M.D.
NYU Medical School

“People who come to me for relief from stress and stress-related disorders need an effective meditation that’s quickly mastered and produces consistent results.

“Though TM is a mental technique, due to the mind-body relationship the practice has extensive physiological effects. TM allows the mind to settle very deeply inward—in a natural way. TM teachers call this transcending, and it happens effortlessly. It’s what sets TM apart and why the technique is so beneficial for mind and body, right from the start.”

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“No other ‘stress management technique’ has anywhere close to this amount of hard data in support of its claims to reduce stress.” —Norman Rosenthal, M.D., Psychiatrist, Georgetown University Medical School



”Before TM, I felt a lot of anxiety about the future. I was restless and didn’t sleep well. Since starting TM, I’m much calmer and don’t concern myself as much with what is going to happen tomorrow. There’s an ease that wasn’t there before, and I sleep much better.”

Ivana Kurtz
School teacher and mother
Minneapolis, MN

“I’m a special ed teacher—the most stressful job in education. TM recharges and nourishes me physically, spiritually, and mentally. I end the day feeling as good as I started—enthusiastic, positive, and committed to what I do. TM allows me to fully engage.”

Robert Steve Martin
Wilmington, NC

“A year and a half ago my anxiety was so great, I barely felt like showing my face in public. Since I learned TM, anytime I leave the house, I feel a fearless sense of mastery of any social situation. TM has helped my self confidence by putting into perspective that all beings are worthwhile, including myself.”

Alex Ledford
College student
Greensboro, NC

“I tried different meditation techniques. Meditating was difficult until I learned TM. I like the ease of it. It’s such a stress release. No matter how frustrating the day, I meditate and then feel refreshed, ready to go.”

Erika Budson
Yoga teacher
Farmington Hills, MI

“TM is helping my anxiety, which I have been plagued with my whole life. Each time I meditate, I feel the weight of anxiety and the world being lifted from my shoulders.”

Terry Lang
Woodbury, MN

“TM has brought me a calmness, peacefulness, and energy that is priceless. I experience inner quietness in all aspects of my life, a sense of harmony inside. My life is fulfilled in ways I never knew it could be.”

Marlene Lied
Personal trainer
Boca Raton, FL

“Transcendental Meditation cured me of a 12-year sleeping disorder, and that was just the beginning. I now have endless amounts of energy and I feel such happiness. TM has been the most amazing thing.”

Valerie Gangas
College student
Chicago, IL

“I was interested in the TM program but I was skeptical at the same time. The power of the TM meditation—it really came out fast, and it was surprising to me. Having that inner peace after meditation really emboldened me to deal with things that I’d been just kind of stuffing away. To be able to have relief from agitation, have relief from anger, frustration, sleeplessness, alcoholism, drug addiction... that’s huge.”

Sgt. James Thrasher
U.S. Marine Corps