The Pleasant Parallels of TM and Day-To-Day Life

Bob Roth said something before going into a meditation that was a game changer for not only my TM practice but also my life.

On one of Bob’s group meditation calls (which I highly recommend) just before the meditation started he said:

Start the meditation without any expectation of any results.

Hm. That landed on me and left an instant imprint. The idea of meditating and not expecting was an idea the ego did not like. And that’s how I knew it was a good idea.

Much to the chagrin of my ego, that meditation in particular was a special one. I went all kinds of places…effortlessly. Again, this made NO sense to the ego but all kinds of sense on the deeper levels.

I am now four years into my TM practice and can say that the parallels between the act of meditation and how best to lead a happy, healthy and wealthy life are… I don’t know if I have a word to describe it but, maybe, two words:

The same.

I’ve learned that I only have control over two things:
1. Intention
2. Action

As much as I would like to, I do not have control of results. I can set the conditions for the results I want. I can intend a result but results coming into being are manifested by a force far greater. The benefit (and beauty) of a consistent TM practice is that I get to be reminded at least twice a day that I’m to set the conditions for meditation to happen and then dive in while releasing the result. This practice comes in handy in all aspects of my life and work. There is a great release and relief that occurs when I’m able to:

1. Intend on an outcome.
2. Act in that direction and/or set the conditions for it to happen.
3. Release the result.

This isn’t always easy. Especially with goals or relationships that I have a strong emotional point of view about. But, nevertheless, the more I let go the more good seems to happen.

What is one goal you have been reaching after but can’t seem to accomplish? Are you/have you really done all you can, with what you have to make it happen? If so, it might be time to release that result and let the Universe work its magic.

Michael Cinquino wears many hats. He is a New York based photographer, an actor, a filmmaker, a leadership & life coach, and a Navy Veteran. You can follow him and his work here, or connect with your local TM teacher here.