A Universal Way To Get Rest Instead of Stressed


While all the gifts may already be under the tree, TM could be the best gift you give yourself this year. Watch video >

Healthcare Workers Facing Burnout Find Strength through Transcendental Meditation


Five New England hospitals are hosting the national “Heal the Healers Now” program with the help of a $2 million grant to bring Transcendental Meditation to doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who’ve experienced magnified stress, trauma and burnout during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more >

A TM Teacher’s Journey: Finding Clarity and Purpose in Life


It’s a well-known principle of life that the more you give the more you’ll receive, and this has been profoundly experienced by our worldwide community of Transcendental Meditation teachers.
In our latest interview we connect with a new TM teacher, Utsav Bajgain, who, like many others, made a drastic career change to pursue a dream of helping others by teaching Transcendental Meditation. Read more

Joe Rogan and Tom Papa on Transcendental Meditation


Is it true that a person only has so much bandwidth in a day? Joe Rogan and Tom Papa discuss meditation on the Joe Rogan Experience. Read more

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Replacing Anxiety with Unstoppable Confidence: An Interview with Photographer Olivia Locher


Olivia Locher, a photographer born in Pennsylvania, now based in NYC, is known for her sarcastic approach to studio photography, with a heavy focus on color and concept. A practitioner of the Transcendental Meditation technique, Locher’s photographs are grounded in consciousness and dreamlands. We recently caught up with her to learn more about her work and how her daily routine keeps her inspired and focused. Read more

How TM Helped Me Become a Writer


After a few years of practicing the TM technique, I slowly began to feel a more mysterious set of changes develop. I was frequently in “the zone”, that relaxed state of mind where thoughts go in a gentle and novel direction; where ideas sprout and grow like flowers and bloom. The world became a kinder, gentler, more supportive place. Read more

The Most Effective Way I’ve Found to Stay in the Moment


“TM didn’t take my depression away, but it helped make it feel so much easier to cope with and overcome. The hopelessness I felt for so long hasn’t been a problem.” Read more

My Personal Goal Is to Meditate Every Single Day


“And after my meditation, when I come out of it, I feel clearer. I feel more patient. I feel permission to go slower and to give myself the pause I know I need but typically have trouble allowing myself to do. I usually do my best work, my best thinking, and my best leading after a meditation.” Read more

The Only Person Who Can Make You Feel Like a Failure Is Yourself, and It Always Comes From Looking Outward, Not Inward


“I thought it was going to be difficult to practice or that it wouldn’t fit into my life, but in reality, it’s been just like brushing my teeth or making my bed.” Read more

Those Who Don’t Mind Doing Nothing Are Onto Something


“I downloaded the most popular meditation apps and searched for guided meditations on YouTube, but I found myself unable to take any of it seriously. My inability to relax made me all the more stressed. Meditation, I decided, wasn’t for me.” Read more

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