Artist Mindy Weisel talks about TM and the creative process

I loved watching this interview with artist Mindy Weisel. She describes how the Transcendental Meditation technique has benefited her creative process in such a lively way. And I loved reading about the success of her art career. Her work hangs in museums and institutions around the world, including the Smithsonian, Hirshhorn Museum, National Museum of American Art, Israel Museum , U.S. Capitol, and the Baltimore Museum of Art.

OK. We know that research has shown that TM practice enhances creativity. But how? “Transcending” gives the mind contact with the source of thought and regular Transcendental Meditation practice allows the mind to become familiar with this deeper level of consciousness that is the fountainhead of creativity. This means that instead of getting the rare flash of insight at unexpected moments, brilliant ideas arise on a more regular basis.


The ideas don’t necessarily strike during meditation, but your awareness gains more access to those subtle regions of the mind from where you can draw upon fresh ideas all the time. Gaining that freedom to dip into your own hidden bag of tricks to innovate at will could give you the edge you need to achieve the full extent of your dreams. Career development well worth investing in…