“The Key to Relationships Is to Take Care of Our Own Self”

“One can be to others to the extent one can be to oneself, only. If I can’t have that fullness of life to myself, how can I be to others? Only in that measure, in whatever measure, I am to myself. Therefore, the key to relationships is to take care of our own self…”

This is a phenomenon you have already experienced in your life. Think about it: When you’re stressed or tired, you’re predisposed towards anger and frustration, but when you feel clear, calm and rested, your perception of the world and feelings towards others automatically become a little rosier. On a good day, one of those “I’m on top of the world” days, nothing can bring you down. On the other hand, on “bad” days, even a kind word can feel like an insult.

Now imagine having a tool–or a technique–to tip the scale towards more and more good days and fewer bad ones.

When you use the TM technique to frequently come in contact with your own inner reservoir of peace and happiness, your actions (and reactions) towards others reflect that inner happiness. Health benefits aside, TM practice is a direct method of nurturing your relationship with yourself, and your relationships with others benefit in turn.

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